Welcome! Whether you are completely new to the concept of cryptocurrencies or are just looking for the latest news and updates, you’ve come to the right place.

The goal of this website is to provide a simple tutorial for researching cryptocurrencies and current trends.

I will walk you through all of this in a simple to understand way. You’ll learn the basics of what cryptocurrency is and how it is made. You’ll also learn how to buy, sell, invest, and make additional income from it.

Maybe someone recently told you about this foreign concept of digital currency and that the future is in Bitcoin. Or maybe you’re hearing that an up and coming altcoin (anything that isn’t Bitcoin) like Dash or Monero is what’s hot now. If you are already investing, I truly believe that you will find the regularly updated content on here to be of value. I bet I know what many of you are already thinking…

…Believe me, I was extremely skeptical myself for several years (and reasons) before I decided to take a chance on adding cryptocurrency to my investment portfolio.

Whatever you decide to do, I commend you on taking the time to educate yourself on this topic. I believe everyone will be using digital currency to some extent in the near future. Think back for just a moment when companies like Apple and Google were in their early days. Imagine if you would have invested even a small amount back then what it would be worth now (maybe some of you did…nice work!).

If you are like me and missed that boat, the good news is that you have another chance to get on a new boat. This one is just a little different, maybe like a new cruise ship with exciting new activities to try and new ports to visit. While it hasn’t set sail just yet they have started boarding.

I don’t know about you, but I love to be on the ship early enjoying that first cocktail on the deck by the pool as I watch all the others come aboard. I also know that feeling when the cruise has ended, and I am dragging my luggage back to the car. It’s that moment when I see the excitement on the faces of all those new guests waiting to board. With cryptocurrencies continuing to grow and be accepted worldwide more and more this is a cruise that we can stay on and enjoy if we so choose.

For those completely new to all of this, what do you say we start from the beginning?


Well, I am so glad you asked! To get started, simply click HERE.

Feel free to let me know what other content you would like for me to cover as well at learncryptoinvesting@gmail.com. We’ll make it like karaoke request night! Thanks again for reading! Cryptocurrency made simple.


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