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USI-Tech Review

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the crypto investment company, USI-Tech. There are several videos and articles written claiming that it has the potential to be the best investment of all the crypto platforms out there.

Formed in 2016, USI-Tech develops high end trading software for the Forex market. They’re developing technology that lowers the costs associated with mining by through renewable energy sources. In turn, this dramatically increases the efficiency of blockchain server farms. This has allowed the company to become a global leader in cryptocurrency mining.

Similar to every other decentralized company they have also created their own cryptocurrency called UTC Coin (also known as Tech Coin).

The product offering for purchase breaks down into the following three packages:

  1. BTC Mining
  2. Tech Coin Tokens
  3. Forex Trading

The mining packages cost 50 euros each and are paid in Bitcoin. They typically last 140 business days and the returns tend to be about 1% per day for a total of 140%. Payouts are made to members’ accounts on a daily basis until the 140% is reached. The number of days is takes to achieve this is all dependent on the amount that is actually mined just like with any other mining company.

As far as the token packages go, there are 5 from which to choose and they have a multi level marketing (MLM) commission component to them. There are 12 levels of commission opportunity and other bonuses that can be earned. Packages start as little as only 100 tokens and the price of each package is tied to the current price of Bitcoin.

The final category is the Forex package which will soon be available for purchase. They will also be sold at 50 euros per package and will follow the same 140% return formula that the mining employs. For those more comfortable earning good old fashion dollars or euros this might be an enticing option. Another advantage is that it does not require a brokerage account or a virtual private server.

It’s all 100% automated so that there is no need for members to take any further action. USI-Tech recommends that investors leverage the following strategy to maximize profits:

  1. Buy BTC packages to multiply Bitcoin
  2. Purchase the Forex packages to multiply paper currency
  3. Purchase token packages to stack UTC Coin (Tech Coin)

You can learn more about USI-Tech from the video below. If after watching it you decide that you’d like to invest you can do so by clicking here:




Trading and investing in digital assets like Bitcoin and other altcoins is highly speculative and comes with many risks. This analysis is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.


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