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Can you believe it’s summer already? For many students that means a nice break from the rigors of studying. For workers, that might mean that long awaited summer vacation trip you’ve been planning.

Whatever your plans are this summer, I hope you make it a great one!

Everywhere I look I see those Coke ads. You know the ones that say #shareacoke. When I think of summer I think of relaxing at the beach with a Coke or a tropical drink in my hand. Or both. Well, I thought I’d do a fun little summer piece where I let someone else take the reigns.

I’ve received a lot of good feedback from my readers and I thought how cool would it be to interview one of them and hear their perspective on all things cryptocurrency. This week I had the privilege of speaking with Jason from Florida.  Here is our interview and we hope you enjoy it. If you’d like to be featured or have a good idea for an upcoming article I’d love to hear back from you at

Learn Crypto Investing “When did you first hear about cryptocurrency?”

Jason “I’ve heard the Bitcoin name thrown around for awhile now, but I never really looked into it until about a month ago.”

LCI “So what made you look into it recently?”

Jason “Interestingly enough, I was at a baseball game and the beer guy happened to bring it up. The guy next to me starts going on and on about it and showing everyone the recent trades he made. 

LCI “A beer guy? At a baseball game? Really?”

Jason “Yeah, it got to the point where we weren’t even watching the game and the beer dude was working slower and slower. I think everyone except for one guy was onboard with it and so after an hour or so the guy left. 

“I thought if he can do it, I can certainly do this!”

LCI “So after an hour you were interested in cryptocurrency?”

Jason “I’d say more like obsessed. I spent the next 24 hours straight researching everything crypto!” 

LCI ” You reached out to us and mentioned that played a key role in your crypto education.”

Jason “Without a doubt. It was during that research that I came across I liked how the concept was explained. I followed the “Create a Wallet” instructions and was off running. 

Then I saw the articles on mining here. When I realized the returns you can get from mining I wanted to get involved immediately. 

I chose to go with Genesis Mining first as the article on explained it was the longest running and largest mining company. Before long I was mining altcoins and using various companies! 

LCI “Wow. Maybe you should be teaching us now?”

Jason “I wouldn’t go that far…yet. At this rate though, anything is possible.” 


LCI “Obviously you are enjoying all of this. Have you thought about your next move? Have you considered buying an ICO?”

Jason “Buying an ICO?”

LCI “Yes, with some research they might fit your investment style.”

Jason “I’m way past that. I’ve already got plans to launch my OWN ICO!” 

LCI “Don’t forget us!”

Jason “Never. If it wasn’t for your site I’d never come so far so quick.” 

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I have been married for over 15 years to my amazing wife from Venezuela who provides me with great support and laughs at my mediocre jokes. We have 2 wonderful children. One runs her own Youtube channel (brifilms2002) and the other is learning how to code video games. Although our little dog is still adjusting, we love our new beach life in Florida as that has always been our dream. Originally, I’m from Northeast Ohio and still follow my Browns, Cavs, Indians, and Buckeyes very closely. I enjoy investing in a variety of ways and am always looking to both teach and learn. Imagine if you would have been one of the first people to invest in Apple or Google when they were just a fraction of the cost that they are now? Well, that’s how I see the world of cryptocurrencies and believe that it is only just beginning!

Zechariah 4:10 Do not despise these small beginnings…

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