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DawQ To Launch New ICO Soon


DawQ ( and pronounced “Dock”), an ambitious start-up provider of cross platform integrated web dashboards for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, recently announced their upcoming initial coin offering (ICO). The anticipated launch date is has not yet been revealed, but it’s set for the upcoming days and will be issued by Ethereum blockchain tokens. Purchase of said tokens will be possible with both Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). founder/admin, Paul van den Broek, told LearnCryptoInvesting that their long awaited ICO marks the first digital currency to have a user friendly comprehensive dashboard with value added apps and services.

He explained to LearnCryptoInvesting:


“This dashboard is so easy to understand that even beginners and novice users can join our cryptocurrency universe in the blink of an eye.”
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ICOs are gaining popularity and for many startups they have replaced the venture capital route. Instead of raising money by way of giving up equity stakes, startups are issuing their own digital tokens. Proceeds from the auction of these virtual shares help fund the businesses. The benefit to investors is that they can cash in and out of the newly issued coins at any time. With an initial public offering (IPO) on a traditional stock exchange, investors are forced to keep their funds invested until after the IPO is complete.


The new cryptocurrency from DawQ is focused on users’ daily needs. Since cryptocurrency can be complex, their aim is to provide customers with digital cash that is easy to use. They are able to accomplish this via their cutting edge technology of merging essential tools such as having their own integrated exchange similar to ShapeShift.


There is undoubtedly a significant amount of competition in the digital currency arena. According to the Netherlands based company they plan to differentiate themselves by being the only cross platform dock/dashboard of digital currency that integrates tools and services in a unique, easy to use and unprecedented way.

Van den Broek went on to say,

“The goal of DawQ is to provide an integration of commonly used apps into one financial dock (wallet/exchange). Some of the features include anonymous registration/login with no personal data. You’ll also have access to your wallet and tokens with an integrated altcoin exchange between DawQ users.”


The ambitious aim is to provide a one stop shop for all things cryptocurrency. This will include benefits such as an unique email address account and own space for web hosting. Other plans included on the firm’s roadmap include shell access to a personal VPS, and an integrated VPN+Tor browser.


Users are able to access more information at and The crypto crowd can check out if this new start-up fulfills their needs to access everything they want in one convenient dashboard.






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