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Whether you are completely new to the concept of cryptocurrencies or are just looking for the latest news and updates, you’ve come to the right place.

The goal of this website is to provide a simple tutorial for researching cryptocurrencies and current trends.

I will walk you through all of this in a simple to understand way. You’ll learn the basics of what cryptocurrency is and how it is made. You’ll also learn how to buy, sell, invest, and make additional income from it.

Maybe someone recently told you about this foreign concept of digital currency and that the future is in Bitcoin. Or maybe you’re hearing that an up and coming altcoin (anything that isn’t Bitcoin) like Dash or Monero is what’s hot now. If you are already investing, I truly believe that you will find the regularly updated content on here to be of value. I bet I know what many of you’re already thinking.

Mission Statement

Learn Crypto Investing exists to take the complex world of cryptocurrency and make it easy for beginners to understand. The goals are simple: introduce people to crypto, help them create a digital wallet and then begin to buy and sell cryptocurrency.


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In order to buy, sell or trade digital currency, you will need something called a digital wallet. We will walk you through each step of the way to make this as simple as possible so that you can begin to participate in cryptocurrency today.

Mining Crypto


Mining has become a popular way to earn profit through the creation of new digital coins. In the early days of crypto those who purchased and built mining rigs (powerful computers that attempt to solve difficult math problems) were able to profit at a higher rate than today. This is because the difficulty rate of the math problems is increasing as is the level of competition.


Today there is a simple way to profit without running up high electric bills or having to worry about whether or not your machine will be lucky enough to mine the next set of coins. It is called cloud mining and offers a maintenance free alternative. As a beginner you can begin earning a daily profit starting today.

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