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Learn Crypto Investing talks Pro Currency With Blockchain Revolution

Recently I had the chance to speak with Blockchain Revolution (BR). The Canadian crypto marketing brand has partnered with the iPro Network who utilizes their own crypto token called Pro Currency (PROC).

According to their website, iPro Network exists to, “Provide the platform, tools, and resources to empower individuals and professionals to market desirable goods and services to the public, taking the place of traditional methods of commerce.”

Here are some of the highlights from the interview.

Learn Crypto Investing (LCI) – “First of all, what is iPro Network?”

BR – “Well, let’s start with looking at digital currency from a macro view.  Pro Currency is a digital currency that goes beyond just buying it low and selling it high, but one that can be used for shopping. A coin that people can use to buy the things that they want or need in life. Studies have proven that when businesses accept digital currency as a payment method for their products and services it creates a greater demand for the coin. This demand affects the value of the currency and causes it to go up.”  

LCI – “Everywhere you look there’s a new coin/idea. What are they doing to differentiate?”

BR – “Everyone is familiar with companies like Air bnb and Uber. Air bnb does not own real-estate, they created an online platform that allows owners to rent out their rooms to people and earn money. Uber has done the same thing for the taxi industry, they offer incentives, discounts, and rebates for sharing the Uber app with others. This new way of doing business has made companies go viral.”

“This direct sharing industry has now entered the online shopping and digital currency realm for the first time, introducing Pro Currency (PROC) and iPro network!”

LCI – “Can you expand on that?”

BR – “Digital currency has a very big and exciting future in online shopping realm. 81% of all transactions for digital currency are for online shopping and this number is rapidly on the rise.”

“Imagine shopping at all your favorite stores and then getting rewarded with free digital currency cash back. The more you shop for the things you need and use, the more digital currency that gets sent back to you for free.”

LCI – “That sounds pretty good. You’ve made a bold claim that you believe PROC will be bigger than Bitcoin.”

BR – “There are five features to ProCurrency, which poise it to relieve Bitcoin of the #1 used digital currency around the World! The features of ProCurrency are security, innovation, amenity, liquidity and usability.”

“With a twist, loyalty and rewards are made easy for shoppers and businesses on the iPro platform. iPro has partnered with thousands of retailers to offer the first ever, Coin Bank Rewards Program. Imagine shopping at all your favorite stores online and earning FREE digital currency back (PROC). There are 4,500+ stores like, Amazon, JC Penny, Groupon, Kohls, and Best Buy just to name a few that are on board with the iPro network. You just shop online and earn a digital currency, PROC rebate! In addition to the crypto rewards you’ll also still receive your already existing retail rewards. For example Kohls Cash or Best Buy Rewards Elite Program. Just log in on the PROC mobile app and choose a retailer and you’ll be redirected to their site where you can log in and double up on your rewards!”

LCI – “Can anyone get in on this now?”

BR – “Yes, of course. In fact, you can enroll now  you’ll receive your PROC at $.07 each. They are currently trading at $.21! International features are also coming soon. People can also buy and sell PROC on exchanges like Cryptopia.

LCI – “Where would someone need to go to sign up and begin to take advantage of getting rewarded for their online purchases and more?”

BR – “Simple. Just click this link to get started with PRO CURRENCY. There’s also a great new phone app for it as well, probably the best crypto related app on the market.


LCI – “Thank you so much for your time today.”

BR – “My pleasure. If you or any of your readers have any questions they can reach out to me on Twitter @blockchainrevo.”



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